You know, I always loved fairy tales, and their wonderful female characters inspired me to a small series of dolls. Let's start with the Russian fairy tales. They are closest to me.

Zlata is not the character of a particular story. She is rather a collective image, which absorbed the characteristics of Russian epics beauties. This doll is the result of seven months of work. Each element of its image is distinct and unique. Every detail of her costume accessories, jewelry, and swing are handcrafted according to my sketches by the talented craftsmen.

Special attention should be given to a combination of volume artistic carving and inlay of a porcelain body. The technology is so complex that performance of only one of these patterns took me one and a half months. The pattern is inlaid with silver, some fragments are plated with 24K gold. The subject of the moon and the sun is present in all traditions and cultures of the world, and, of course, first of all, in fairy tales and ancient legends.

I decided to abandon the banal stand, and found the perfect solution to replace it. Carved swing made of Siberian pine, covered with noble patina, and decorated with silk, perfectly complement the image of Russian Beauty.

Natural materials are used when crating the parts of the costume. I used silver, jasper, garnet, and opal to decorate a hat. All accessories of the doll's dress are made of silver.

The height of the doll is 34 cm. The doll is painted with special paints for porcelain, which will not erase and fade. Structure is connected by means of springs. Excluding the head, it is fixed separately from the entire body with an elastic band. With careful handling, the doll will last for years and will be a perfect gift for future generations.

I guarantee that there will be no more copies of this work, and the doll will be the only one. Let everyone see something for their own story in it, and I wanted to give a little more goodness and light through this doll.