Pre-Order of the «Konfetki» dolls series
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Dear friends!

I am happy to announce the pre-order of the «Konfetki» dolls series.

Resin ball-joined dolls are cast in Andrey Korchagins studio in St. Petersburg. Dolls are 39.5cm high. Eyes are removable.

You can choose from 3 different faces, 2 breast shapes and 2 skin tones. Also, you can order basic resin shoes. If your requirements are more complex then this can be discussed prior to ordering. There is a limit of 5 full set dolls with clothes available for pre-order. Prices for full set dolls with are calculated separately.

Terms and conditions

The delivery time is approximately 2-4 month after the deposit payment. On receipt of deposit payment confirmation email will be sent and you will be added to the pre-order list.

Please pay attention to the non-refundable fee of 185 Euros if the order is canceled. This is a necessary measure, as the doll will be manufactured individually, according to each customer wishes.


Payment options:

  • Wire transfer to accounts of Sberbank or Alfa-Bank.
  • Western Union transfer
  • Paypal (subject to a 5% surcharge)

Payment consists of 2 stages. Deposit payment is 50% of the total cost. The balance is paid when the doll is ready, before the shipment.

Shipping is available worldwide from Russia. Shipping is calculated and paid separately.


Available faces:

Sasha Face


Candy Face


Latika Face


Available breast shapes:



Available skin tones:

Blank doll (830 Euros)

  1. Ball-joined doll is stringed with elastic cord, joints are glued.
  2. Eyes of a random color 6mm
  3. Branded box
  4. Certificate

You can also order a basic resin shoes, without decorative design — 22 Euros


  • Face makeup — 185 Euros
  • Painting of the full body with manicure and pedicure — 280 Euros
  • Painting of the hands and feet with manicure and pedicure — 110 Euros
  • Standard mohair wig of medium length (you can choose the color and texture) — 130 Euros
  • Shoes, clothes, stands, wigs of complex design — on request

Orders are accepted exclusively via the website. When submitting the form, be sure to include: full name, email, phone number and right delivery address (so I can calculate the cost of postal services). You can include additional comments to the order if any.

Order form

Breast shape:
Skin tone:
Additional info: