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Dolls details

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О куклах

About dolls

All models: both porcelain and resin, are made by me personally at every stage of production. And only cast of resin is performed in a factory of high quality material. 3D-technologies are not used in the creation of the project, as they will never be able to convey the magic of handmade work and the soul of its creator.

Dolls are produced in a very limited edition, and some of them exist in a single copy. And hand-painting makes each one unique. I prefer a slow pace in production, producing no more than 4-5 porcelain beauties a year. I like creating time-consuming things that will be a valuable present for future generations of my collectors.

I like to play with the design of the dolls. Constantly experimenting with new hinges, I strive to find the optimal combination of beauty and plastic. I love the aesthetics of ball-jointed doll and sometimes intentionally emphasize their joints with complex decorative carvings on porcelain. Perhaps, in the future this method will be applied in resin as well. All patterns are unique, they make BJD a unique work of art.

I try to give each doll its interesting and complex image, which helps me to tell the audience about its story and character.

О куклах

Porcelain dolls

Porcelain BJD have a height of 33-34 cm, they are assembled in springs, and the joints are glued with leather. The painting is applied with special china paints baked at T of 800°C. This makes them resistant to mechanical shocks, as well as to ultraviolet radiation.

Hinges of some dolls are decorated with complex artistic carving that is performed after the casting.

I try to give each doll its unique image. Highly skilled craftsmen creating the costumes and accessories help me with this.

Now I release no more than five porcelain dolls a year.

О куклах

Resin dolls

Resin BJD have a height of 39 cm, they are strapped with an elastic harness and glued with a special acrylic composition in rivets. Additionally, dolls with dark skin tone are glued with soft suede for better safety of blushing in some ball joints. The painting is made with pastels and watercolors and fixed with Mr Super Clear composition in several layers. Eyes - inserted or painted.

The first edition of resin Delicacy dolls was limited. There were only 9 mold dolls “Sahara” and a little more mold dolls “Sasha”. These faces will no longer be repeated in the future.

Work on every girl takes a long time. So now I’m releasing no more than one resin doll in outfit per month.

About me

I’m from Russia. I’ve been making dolls since 2008. I prefer porcelain. I love working with images and fantasy characters. I find it interesting to try and invent new decoration techniques.

At the moment, I am considering porcelain doll not as a toy, but rather as a kind of art object. It combines history, decor, perhaps, the entire installation, which acts out a mini-theater. For me, this action is a game. I involve my audience in it interacting and playing with them.